Best A2 milk suppliers in Faridabad – White Gold A2 is a dairy farm that mainly focuses on the production of the completely natural and additive-free A2 milk. They provide the farm-fresh and natural desi cow milk in Delhi/NCR, and the farm is located in the Village Mahmoodpur, Jasana Road, Greater Faridabad. They are working with a motive to provide fresh and natural A2 milk to people. As, we all know that milk is an essential and vital part of our daily life. So, the milk we drink must be fresh and natural. Thus, people from Delhi/NCR can quickly get the A2 mil from White Gold A2 farm. The milk produced in their farmhouse is through the organic diet.

Best A2 milk suppliers in Faridabad

Why purchase A2 milk from White Gold A2?

At White Gold A2, we work together and make use of the traditional farming methods, and regular treatment of carefully selected breeds of desi cows are done to bring ancient wisdom into the modern-day. We ensure that A2 milk should be beneficial for each health-conscious individual.

White Gold A2 milk comes directly from the dairy farm and delivered at the doorsteps. A2 milk is fresh, healthy, pure and has a great taste with the highest quality. Our milk is healthy, nutritional, and it’s great for everyone in the family. Along with this, A2 milk is recommended for growing children, so if you are also looking for A2 milk supplier in Faridabad, then reach White Gold A2.

The White Gold A2 milk is not processed, it is pure and directly comes from the farmhouse. The old and the latest farming methods give rise to 100% natural and additive-free A2 milk. Our milk is not processed to preserve the real minerals and proteins present in the milk.


Get fresh and pure milk delivered at your doorstep from White Gold A2. Get fresh milk daily, no middlemen, no contamination. We do delivery in Delhi/NCR, and we are one of the most trusted A2 milk suppliers in Faridabad.

Many dairy farms are there in Faridabad, and people get confused about where to buy fresh A2 milk. So, for all of them, the White Gold A2 farm is the right platform. The White Gold A2 has been serving people from years, and they also offer delivery in Delhi/NCR. So, interested people can make a call on the number or can visit the farmhouse.